Other Videos

Here are some other videos.

The Last of England

Looks at the contemporary crisis of migration through the prism of the 1970’s documentary series The World at War in which history was presented through the testimony of those involved.


In Rehearsal, anonymous directors struggle to get a group of performers to perfect a ceremony for an undefined purpose. The film explores the concept that the aim of many ceremonies is to re-present the shameful as glorious. Memorial rituals can exploit the bereaved’s need to believe their loved ones died in an honourable cause, recasting any criticism of the fatal event as disrespect for the dead. This reconstructs how events are perceived historically, shielding those whose decisions may have caused the tragedy from blame.

The Square

The Square is a response to the events of early 2011 that became known as The Arab Spring. Confronting us with an array of reactions and impressions displaced from their original context, The Square asks us to reappraise our own relationship with dissent, democracy and revolution and, at the same time, responds to the increasing importance of online social networking sites to those demanding an alternative future for themselves and their country.


DIG looks at the contentious issue of migration through the lense of a archeo-entertainment show in which an enthusiastic Tony-Robinson figure examines and analyses artifacts with the help of an archeologist.


John Barker was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for causing explosions in the 1972 Angry Brigade Trial at The Old Bailey and continues to this day to be a committed revolutionary socialist. He is also a life-long Arsenal supporter. In this ten-minute film he talks about his support for Arsenal against the background of his radical political activism and ponders his loyalty to his political beliefs and his devotion to his football team.


MONUMENT is a response to the collapse of people’s faith in the world’s political and financial institutions. It is a recognition of the fact that the forces that shape the world do so with the sole purpose of profiting a tiny minority to the detriment of the vast majority. MONUMENT takes the dedications on park benches as its starting point.. I think the form of the bench is something very interesting, something “democratic” and useful, something to share, a bench is a gift and an offer (to the body and the spirit), a bench creates time, a bench can create encounters and dialogue, a bench is something which opens one space toward another space, a bench is always in a specific location, somebody decided to put it there, somebody did engage (or get committed – falling in love) with this decision, a bench – once placed on its location – starts itself to create “a place”, to create “history” and to create “memory”. [Thomas Hirschhorn writing about MONUMENT, September 11th, 2010] MONUMENT has music by Stephen Fretwell recorded by Guy Massey


SHRINE is a short film that was made immediately after Amy Winehouses’ death in the summer of 2011. I filmed the outside of her house at 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening from the first day, when there were TV crews and mourners three deep, to the day a few weeks later when the crowds and the tributes had all disappeared. It is, I hope, a meditation on loss, memory and the pernicious nature of celebrity in the 21st Century